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Ritchie Blackmore


While perhaps the most well-known of the Guitarists who have performed as members of the British band Deep Purple, Blackmore is not the ONLY one. After he left the group in 1974, American Tommy Bolin joined for one album and a tour that pretty much self-destructed due to Bolin's drug habits, and DP called it quits in 1975. Purple reformed in 1984 with Blackmore back as the guitarist, but he left again in 1993 to pursue other musical interests. He was replaced for about a year by Joe Satriani, who toured but did not record with the rest of the band. In 1994, Steve Morse became the guitarist, and has been with the band since then.

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Steve Morse is the current guitar player in Deep Purple, having been with the band since 1994.

He replaced Joe Satriani, who stepped in for a year to replace original founding member Ritchie Blackmore, who left the band in 1993.

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Ian Paice. He is the only drummer who has ever recorded with the band, although the former incarnation, non-recording act Roundabout, was formed by drummer Chris Curtis.

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Steve Morse

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Q: What is the name of the guitartist for deep purple?
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