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The actresses name is Kristen Stewart

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Q: What is the name of the girl who played Bella?
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What is the name of the girl on twilight?

The girl's name is Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart in the Twilight movie series.

What girl name goes best with the boy name Aaron if the girl's middle name is Bella and her first name options are Crystal and Lauren?

Def Lauren it goes better with aaron and Bella Lauren Bella ANd aaron Crystal Bella and Aaron??

Does zac have a crush on a girl name Bella?


What girl name is best name that goes with Ben if her middle name is Bella?

A good girl name that goes well with Ben and middle name Bella could be Lily or Emma.

What do Edward and Bella call there child girl?

Edward and Bella's daughter's name is Renesmee.

What type of cat is good for the name Bella?

a girl

What is the real name of Bella in true life?

Bella is played by Kristen Stewart

Would rose be a middle name for a girl named Bella?

Rose is a beautiful name! It would make a great middle name for the name Bella!!!!! Go with it!

What is the name of the baby that edward and Bella have?

They name the girl Renesmee, a combination of the names Renee (Bella's mother) and Esme (Edward's mother).

Who played Bella in The Vampire Diaries?

Um, Bella swan is in twilight, not the vampire diaries. Bella is played by Kristen Stewart. Do you mean the main girl in the vampire diaries, Elena Gilbert. Elena Gilbert is played by Nina Dobrev.

Is the twilight girl married?

Bella Swan played by Kriste Stewart is not married.

What is the most popular girl name in 2011?

The most popular girl name of 2011 is Bella. The most popular boy name is Jacob.