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Midnight Sun

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Q: What is the name of the book new moon told in edwards pov?
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What is the name of the future 5th book that is told from Edwards's point of view?

the book is called midnight sun

The name of the story written by Homer that tells about King Agamemnon?

The Iliad as the book that told about Agamemnon The Iliad is the book that told about Agamemnon

What is the zombie movie title in new moon?

"Dead End" its called in the book, and I don't think you're told in the movie.

What makes New Moon worth reading if there is no Edward?

Whoever told you Edward Cullen is not in New Moon has to re-read that book. Although the part he plays is a MUCH smaller part than any of the other books (this book mainly develops Jacob's character), he is in the book.

When will the book new moon be in theaters?

well Robert Pattinson told me that it's gonna be out in the winter 2009. that's all i kno.

Where did last name Yrineo come from?

china i have a baby book of means of names and this is what it told me

Who is Edwards mim?

Edward's mum? Before he was a vampire he had a mother and her name was Elizabeth Masen. Just before she died from the spanish influenzer she told Carlisle (Edward's adoptive father) to save Edward as he was dying of the same thing. But Esme is Carslile's wife and Edwards adoptive 'mum'

Did Bella approach Laurent to hear Edwards voice?

No Bella did not he approached her, when Bella went to the meadow ( in the book) Laurent just showed up and started talking to her as if they were the best of friends and then he told her he would drink her blood!!!

What is the name of the book that talks about a meteor hitting the moon and life on earth changes and is told in a journal by a girl and a second book by her brother?

The book you are referring to is "Life As We Knew It" by Susan Beth Pfeffer. This novel follows a teenage girl named Miranda as she documents the catastrophic effects of a meteor hitting the moon, causing worldwide disasters. The companion book, "The Dead and the Gone," follows Miranda's brother as he navigates the post-apocalyptic world in New York City.

How do you trick your mom into letting you see new moon?

I'm in a book club, so I told my mom we were reading about Twilight which was true. I also told her I wanted to get 1 step ahead. She promised me she would take me. The movie was awesome by the way.

What is the story of the novel midnight sun?

It is twilight told from Edwards point of view, rather than bella's

Where does the first name Tokeah come from?

It comes from a book; Tokeah and the White Rose. This name has been in our family for generations. My aunt who is 80 is named Tokeah, my grandfathers sister was named Tokeah, her mothers name was Tokeah and my name is Tokeah. I was told they found the name in an "Indian book".