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Jenifer Ellison

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Q: What is the name of the blonde actress in the current DAZ tv advert?
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Who is the actress in the current mcdonalds advert?

If it is the advert where the bear talks to 'Janice', then her name is Kerry Godliman. She is a standup comedian and has appeared on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow.

Who is the blonde model in bath in the current muller light advert?

While many people who watch the current Muller Light commercial wonder who the blonde model in the bath is. Unfortunately, this information is not known and the company has never released the model's name.

What is the Name of actress in cheese string advert?

Nina Conti

Who is the actress with john cleese in the AA advert?

his daughter? in the advert she is his daughter but apprently the actress's real name is Karen Ascoe Her name is joanna bobin

Who is the actress in the Geoff Capes Churchill advert?

Her name is Stacey Tappenden.

What is the name of the actress in the Benadryl advert?

I think it might be Debra Stephenson

Name of Chinese actress in bing advert?

Gemma Chan. Super hot!!

Who is the girl in dentyl smooth thing advert?

The actress' name is Sarah Briggs

Who is the blonde girl in the garnier advert She has shoilder length layered blonde hair?

Sophie hilditch is the answer no probs- i did some research!! No her name is Ellen. :S

What is the name of actress in Flash - 50 Years Of Shine and Freshness advert?

molly weir

Who is the actress in the asda christmas advert?

Her name is Natasha Symms. She was in Hollyoaks years ago.

What is the name of the blonde actress in enrique iglesias's tonight?

Natalia Obradovicova