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Clarence xx

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Q: What is the name of the birds eye polar bear?
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Who is the voice of the polar bear in the birds eye adverts?

Willem dafoe

Where can you buy the birds eye polar bear?

you have to collect 6 tokens from birds eyes fish fillets or fish fingers put it in a evelope with £1 and write the address and send it with your address on IN CAPITALS

What is the Bird's Eye polar bear called?

He is called Clarence.

How does a polar bear's color help it?

The color of the fur to the human eye is white. Because of this, they can blend into their habitat and not get hurt.

How did Birds Eye get its name?

It is named for Clarence Birdseye

Why do wax eye birds have their names?

Wax eye birds are named for the distinctive, waxy-looking white ring around their eyes. This feature helps to differentiate them from other bird species. The name "wax eye" is derived from this characteristic marking.

When was Birds Eye created?

Birds Eye was created in 1922.

What is the pirate's name at the beginning of SpongeBob?

I think it's Captain Birds-Eye.

What is the politicly correct name for a game genre such as Zelda or Pokemon where you play from a birds eye view?

Bird's eye RPG

What is the most amazing fact about polar bears?

Well, there is no one true amazing fact about polarbears. Whatever catches your eye is amazing, to you! My favorite polar bear fact is that their skin under their fur is black! Additional Info: There are so many things that are unique to the Polar Bear, or used for a specific purpose by this species. One of those is the inner eye lids, or double eye lids. This inner eye lid allows the Polar Bear to tolerate the glare of the sun off the ice and snow without suffering from snow blindness. Also, they keep their eyes open while they swim, and see very well under water. For more details, please see sites listed below.

What is a bear with one eye?

A monocular bear.

How long is a polar bear's eye sight?

They can see 5 miles ahead. Bears distance vision is roughly the same as ours, although they can see better at night than we can.