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Denese SaintclaireReal name is Louise Griffiths

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Q: What is the name of the actress next to Jaime Pressly in the new Clean your balls axe commercial?
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Who plays mandi in the butterfingers commercial?

It's actress Jaime Pressly, who recently starred in the TV series, 'My Name Is Earl'.

What is the birth name of Jaime Pressly?

Jaime Pressly's birth name is Jaime Elizabeth Pressly.

Who is the actress with Jaime Pressly in the shadow shower scene in Tomcats?

Courtney cox

On NBC's my name is earl earl's ex-wife joy is played by whom?

PCH= Jaime Pressly Did you know:"My Name Is Earl" actress Jaime Pressly performed in Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love" video. Did you also know: "My Name Is Earl" actress Jaime Pressly also performed the voice of Maero's girlfriend Jessica in Saints Row 2

What is Jaime Pressly's birthday?

Jaime Pressly was born on July 30, 1977.

When was Jaime Pressly born?

Jaime Pressly was born on July 30, 1977.

Which television sitcom stars actress Jaime Pressly in the role of Joy Turner?

My Name is Earl is the television sitcom that stars actress Jaime Presley in the role of Joy Turner.

What are the release dates for Payback - 2006 Jaime Pressly 2-3?

Payback - 2006 Jaime Pressly 2-3 was released on: USA: 18 June 2007

Who played Joy Hickey in 'My Name is Earl'?

Jaime Pressly.

What was the name of the character Jaime Pressly played in Joe Dirt?


Who is the girl in the newest oral b commercial?

There are serveral Tostitos Commercials I do know that in a few of them: Deb D'Agostino - New York Model Super sweet and funny.

Who won the Emmy for My Name is Earl?

Jaime Pressly won the 2006-2007 Primetime Emmy as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance as Joy Turner in the NBC series "My Name Is Earl."