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Kotetsu Hagane. I was looking for his name too ;) MVidGamz: Thank you very much! ^^

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Q: What is the name of the Naruto chunin with the bandage across his nose?
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Naruto WHO is the teacher at the 2nd of chunin exams?

Her name is Anko Mitarashi

What is the name of the background song in Naruto during the Chunin Exams during Sakura's flashback during her fight with Ino?

it's called Sakura's theme

What is the name of the song in Naruto during the Chunin Exams at the end of Sakura's and Ino's fight?

Childhood Memories Theme

How many answers did naruto write on the paper test section of the chunin exam?

He wrote nothing but his own name on the test paper at chunin exam. Hinta was showing him answers but he refuse even looking at those answers because he don't wanna cheat in exam.

What does the swirl on Kakashi's jacket mean?

If your talking about the orange circle on all the chunin's and jounin's jacket then it stands for Uzumaki. Yes it is Naruto's ,the main character's name. His mother was from the Uzumaki clan which was a big part of Konoha's history. This is explained when Naruto's mother reveals herself when Naruto thinks about taking off the seal.

What is Naruto's name?

Naruto Uzumaki

What is another name for an Ace bandage?

There are a few names for an Ace Bandage and they are as follows; elastic wrap, compression bandage, stretchable bandage, pressure bandage and crepe bandage. The common use is to use them for muscle sprains and strains, by reducing the flow of blood to the area to reduce swelling at the place of injury.

Who is the Teacher for the first chunin exam?

It's not a teacher, it's a proctor. And his name is Ibiki Morino.

What is after Naruto episode 220?

Naruto has an emo about sasuke Sakura cries Susuke tells naruto to f off Naruto tells Susuke he has wet dreams of him Sakura cries Naruto becomes Hokage Kakashi sleeps with Sakura Sakura cries

What is Naruto’s full name?

Naruto uzumaki

What is Naruto real name?

his real name is Naruto Uzamaki Namikaze

What is another name for bandage that you use on you arms?