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Q: What is the name of step up 4 actor?
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Is there a step up 4?

Yes their is going to be a step up 4 its going to be called Step Up 4Ever. It will come out mid 2012

What are the release dates for Step by Step - 1991 Growing Up Is Hard to Do 4-7?

Step by Step - 1991 Growing Up Is Hard to Do 4-7 was released on: USA: 4 November 1994

When is step up 4 coming out on DVD?

i have seen step up 4 in the cinemas and i Can not Waite until it comes out on DVD

What songs were used for the final dance in Step Up 4?

what were used for final dance in step up 4 music

Where are the auditions for Step Up 4 taking place?

I don't know but i want to take a part in step up 4

What are the ratings and certificates for Step by Step - 1991 Growing Up Is Hard to Do 4-7?

Step by Step - 1991 Growing Up Is Hard to Do 4-7 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

Is moose going to be in step up 4?

Yes,Moose will be in Step Up 4. He'll be dancing in one of the last dances.

Will there be a step Up 4?

Yes they have confirmed a 4th one that will be called step up 4ever

Is there going to bea step up 4?

There will be a fourth step up because it was on John M Chu page.

Is there going to be step up 4?

Jon Chu has said SU4 will be the last step up movie as of now.

What is Bella Swan's actor's name?

Kirsten Stewart ,is the actor for Bella swan , in all the twilight movies 1-4.

Which is the best step up movie?

Camille (Alyson Stoner) was Tyler's (Channing Tatum) kid sister on Step Up (1). Moose (Adam Sevani) was the nerdy kid on Step Up 2, and the best friend of Camille on Step Up 3. Jenny Kiddo (the Asian chick) was also on Step Up 2 & Step Up 3D. Jason was the graffiti/electronics guy in Step Up 3D and he then dances in The Mob in Step Up 4 I don't see any major story connections :) sai;)