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mars attack

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Q: What is the name of movie where aliens attack earth and the only way to kill them is listening to a specific music?
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Name a specific disney movie that has to do with urbanization or another geogrphic term?

An example of Disney movie that has to do with urbanization is the Earth movie.

What did the monolith represent in the movie 2001?

The Monoliths are markers to alert the "Super intellegence" (God, aliens, whatever) of our progress as a species. The first alerted that intellegent life on earth had begun, the second, that man had reached the moon, the third that we had reached jupiter, etc.

What happened to the cat on the movie aliens?

It was alive and well inside a stasis chamber at the end of the film. But what happened to it in Alien 2? It survived with Ripley all the way back to Earth. She has it in her apartment there. But when she goes back into space, she leaves it behind for it's own safety.

What tv shows start with the letter v?

Well, there was a whole series back in the 80s I think that was just called V. It began as a three part miniseries and then became a regular series. It was about some aliens that came to earth and pretended to need resources from us and to be our friends, but they were actually reptiles, and they were storing humans as food.

Who is Cuthbert in Monsters vs Aliens?

The teenage boy in the beginning of the movie who was on a date with a girl named Katie, and who also broke his ankle while he was trying to keep up with Katie as she was running to see the Robot that landed on Earth for the first time. The actor that voices Cuthbert is John Krasinski...(He also plays Jim on The Office (US version).

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Are aliens going to attack earth?

No One Knows....

Why did the aliens attack the earth?

So far this is only in movies. No attacks.

What if earth did have aliens?

if aliens are on earth why does it matter, there awesome

Why did martian manhunter come to earth?

Martian Manhunter came to Earth to warn the humans about an alien attack on Earth. He helps save the world from the aliens and joins the Justice League.

Do they have aliens in earth?

have aliens vist earth any time

When was The Aliens of Earth created?

The Aliens of Earth was created in 1993.

Did Alien attack?

No, space aliens have not attacked planet Earth. But maybe you should keep the TV news on, just in case.

How many pages does The Aliens of Earth have?

The Aliens of Earth has 327 pages.

What happens in the film called Independence Day?

Aliens attack the Earth and it is up to the US President and two other men to save the world.

What is the movie the battle of la about?

Aliens attack earth to steal its resources and LA is the site of mankinds last stand. (very tipical movie)

What is the ISBN of The Aliens of Earth?

The ISBN of The Aliens of Earth is 0-87054-166-8.

If aliens were to attack the planet Earth what would be the best chance for someone to survive?

Be on a planet that isn't being attacked, or hope u can find a nice hiding spot in the middle of the Earth