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Q: What is the name of marvi memon's sons?
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What is the name of Marvi Memon's husband?

Marvi Memon's ex-husband's name is Ali Jameel. Its complete name is Alu Jamel Memon.

What does marvi means?

Marvi is a female name of Hindi or you can say, Urdu origin, meaning 'BEAUTY REDEFINED'

What is the meaning of marvi?


What is the name of first Pakistanis movies?

Umar marvi

Where chhabra peoples lives in Pakistan?

Chhabra known Chhapra or Chapra live in Pakistan. Chhapra people known as Memons in Pakistan. Memons are Loahana in Hindu Community in India.

When was Sanam Marvi born?

Sanam Marvi was born in 1986.

When was Marvi Sirmed born?

Marvi Sirmed was born in 1972.

When was Marvi Memon born?

Marvi Memon was born in 1972-07.

What does the name marvi mean?

The beautiful name Marvi is of Persian origin and also happens to be the name of a very famous story named Omar Marvi.The meaning is redifined beauty. I think it's a wonderful name that is very easy to pronounce as well! :)

Is marvi from JLS gay?

No he is not!!!

What actors and actresses appeared in Umer Marvi - 1956?

The cast of Umer Marvi - 1956 includes: Fazlani as Umar Noor Mohammad Charlie as Phog Ishrat Sultana Nighat Sultana as Marvi

What actors and actresses appeared in Marvi - 1963?

The cast of Marvi - 1963 includes: Nighat Rukhsana Fazlani Nasira