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First of all, that isn't an answer. Secondly, Drake Bell IS his name.

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  1. Duhhh ihttss jus drake bells
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Q: What is the name of drake bells band?
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What is drake bells screen name?

drake bell has no screen name... he is known as "drake bell".

Who is drake bells girlfriend?

Her name is Melissa.

What is drake bells girlfriend last name?


What is drake bells dads name?

His father's name is Joe.

How nice is drake bells feet?

drake bells feet is nice that's what i heard

Is drake really drake bells first name?

It is his middle name. His first name is actually Jared, but it isn't uncommon for people to answer to their middle names more often.

What is drake bells half brother named?

drake bells half brother is named joey bell

What is drake bells favourite restaurant?

Taco Bell because Bell is his last name

What is drake bells last name?

drakes girlfriend is called mellisa aww cute lolage

What is Drake Bells farite color?


Where does Drake shop for clothes?

== == he ciothes in D&G,this his favorit

What is Drake Bells favorite website?