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Q: What is the name of a set of short film extracts used as publicity?
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What is the name Monty short for in the film Withnail and I?

Montague H. Withnail

What name is the Fergie video?

Was a Short Film with music, not a Music Video.

What is the name of the song in the short film Wilfred?

hug me till i die

What is the name of the bug's life short?

The short film that appears before the movie, A Bugs Life, is called "Geri's Game".

In the Disney film Hercules.what is the name of the woman who wins his heart?

Megara or "Meg" for short.

What is the name of the short film which depicts a world where people pay with the time they have left to live?


What is the name of Tim Burton's first short film done in black and white stop motion film clay produced in 1982?


Who directed the film Negatives?

There are several films with the title Negatives. The 1968 film of this name was directed by Peter Medak. The 1988 film was directed by Tony Smith. A short film was released in 2008 directed by Philip Houghton.

How did Vampire Weekend get their name?

Vampire Weekend got their name from the title of a short film made by the band's lead singer Ezra Koenig.

Why has johny 5 from Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2 changed his name to Walle in his latest film?

Though they look the same tis not the same robot.

What is the name of the short film where an old lady runs a hotel and kills the people and turns them into stuffed figures?

The landlady

Who directed the short film Scrutiny?

There are four different people who have been credited for directing this short film. The main director's name is Jamie Sutor. The other co-directors names are Shalon Corrigan, Kyle Rebar and Alex Seeley.