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'Goo Goo Ga Ga' from Traffic Jams by Joe Scruggs. I used to love that tape as a kid!

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Q: What is the name of a kids song that says I'm a troll and I collect tolls to cross this bridge cost a lot of dough.?
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Does a troll collect tolls?

Aye, that he does.

How much money does the George Washington bridge collect daily?

The George Washington Bridge will make over a million dollars a day in tolls. Daily traffic, as of 2011, is more 275,000 vehicles.

What time does Jones beach collect tolls?


What was a medieval toll?

A medieval toll was money charged to people who wished to cross a bridge or use a road. Many local lords charged tolls to make profit and to pay for the roads. Certain people such as monks and royal officials were exempt from tolls.

What law allows the state to collect previously hard to collect tolls from violators?

Driver responsibility

How would the Golden Gate Bridge pay for itself?

Through tolls!

How much are tolls From BaltimoreMD to Hartford CT?

Roughly 26 dollars. You have the Susquehanna bridge, Delaware toll, Delaware bridge, then the jersey turnpike, then George Washington bridge, then New York freeway.. you should be good to go. I don't believe there is tolls on 91 to Hartford.

Are there any tower bridge tolls?

No, but there is a museum within the brdge which has an entry fee.

Who owns the Mackinac bridge?

The Mackinac Bridge is owned and maintained by the State of Michigan from tolls collected from Northbound traffic (there is no toll southbound).

Is there a senior citizen discount on bridge tolls on Delaware Memorial bridge?

Yes, senior citizens aged 65 and over can get a discount on tolls when crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge by enrolling in the Senior Citizen E-ZPass program. This program offers reduced toll rates for eligible seniors.

How long can they try to collect money from a repossessed car?

Until the Statute of Limitations tolls on the judgement.

Tolls from Delaware memorial bridge to new brunswick?

Around $3, depending on when you're driving.