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Extreme makeover.

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Q: What is the name of Melina's finisher?
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When is Melinas birthday?

June 15 1974

Is john Morrison Melinas boyfriend?

Used to be.

Who is Melinas boyfriend?

john morison ;)

What is melinas real phone number from WWE?

07 8866615

What is the name of Evan bournes finisher?

Evan Boune's finisher is not called Air bourne it is just the Shooting star press

What Shane McMahon finisher name?

Well he doesn't really have a finisher move because he mostly steals the opponents move.

What is the name of natalya's finisher?

Sharpshooter or Spinning Clothesline.

What is the name of Bret hart's finisher?


What is the name of Garett Bischoff's finisher?

biscoff clash

What is the 'stratusfaction'?

The name of Trish Stratus' finisher move.

What is the name of brodus clays finisher?

fall of humantity

What is the name of Camacho finisher?

It doesn't have specific name, it's just a DDT.