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Q: What is the name of Craig Ferguson's first wife?
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What is name of Craig kielburger wife?

Craig Kielburger does not have a wife.

Who was Michelle Obama's brother first wife?

While the name of Craig Robinson's second wife (Kelly) is widely known, his first wife's name rarely comes up in newspaper searches; Craig Robinson has told reporters he does not feel comfortable discussing his first marriage. We know that he and his first wife had two children, they got divorced in 2000, and that they lived in Chicago at that time. He re-married in 2006.

Where is Craig Robinson's first wife now?

Craig Robinson's first wife is with him. He remarried Kelly in 2006. They have two children together. He is the brother of Michele Obama.

Who was Craig Robinson's first wife?

Craig Robinson's first wife was not publicly disclosed. He has been a private person when it comes to his personal life, including his relationships and marriage.

Who is Craig newmark's wife?

Craig Newmark's wife is Eileen Whelpley Newmark.

What is Andrew Clements' wife's first name?

His wife's first name is Rebecca.Her first name is Rebecca.

Does Craig Robinson Michelle Obama brother have an ex-wife?

yes her name is kelly

What is the name of the president's wife name?

Calvin Coolidge's wife's first name was Grace.

What was Zeus' first wife's name?

His first wife was Metis

Who is the girl in Craig Hand's Direct Connect video?

It is his wife. She participated in the music video. Correction, she is not Craig's wife. Amy was not in the video at all. The girl is just an actress hired for the video. I'm not sure of her name, but I bet if you ask Craig on his myspace page he would know.

What was Niles' wife's first name on Frasiers show?

The name of Niles first wife is Maris.

What was samsons first wife name?

Entice (which means deceive) was Samson's first wife's name