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Simon's wife's name is Francesca.

Ben's wife's name is Louise.

James' wife's name is Lynne.

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Q: What is the name biffy clyro's girlfriends?
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How old is biffy clyros front man?

30 years old

What is the name of an ayrshire band?

The answer you are looking for is "Biffy Clyro"

What is the name of the lead singer in Biffy Clyro?

Simon Neil

What is the name of the lead singer of Biffy Clyro?

Simon Neil

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When was Biffy Clyro created?

Biffy Clyro was created in 1995.

What is the best Biffy Clyro CD?

A. Biffy Clyro Bubbles

When did the band Biffy Clyro form?

The musicians who would eventually form Biffy Clyro were born and raised in Kilmarnock, Scotland. They initially played under the name Screwfish.

Which biffy clyro song did Matt cardle sing?

The Biffy Clyro version of the song is called 'Many Of Horror' but Matt Cardle changed the name of the song to 'When We Collide'.

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