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Q: What is the musical term for Hold this note?
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What is the musical term for lowering a note?


What is a musical term that starts with the letter n?

Note is a musical term. It is a sign representing the duration and pitch of a musical sound.

What does the musical term fermata refer to?

The musical term "fermata" refers to how long a note is held. If there is a fermata above the note then the note is held for longer than the usual amount of time.

What is the Latin name for the musical term half-note?

The Latin term meaning half note is minim.

What musical term starts with an h?

half note

What does the musical note semibreve mean?

Semibreve is the British term for "whole note."

What is the musical term for a composed imaginary note?

There are a few different musical terms that refer to a composed invisible note. Cues are notes that are composed but not played.

What is the term forThree or more musical tones?

I believe the term is a chord. Two is an interval and one is a note.

What is the musical term when you play one note followed by another?

I think the term you're looking for is melodic.

What do you call a held musical note?

It depends on the note, or on the musical notation.You can have something called a fermata, which looks like a semi circle with a dot in the center, over a note, and that means that you can hold it out for a reasonable amount of time before moving on. You can also have a dotted quarter note, dotted half note, and dotted whole note, in which case you are to hold it out for a certain amount of time, depending on which one it is.

What is the musical term for when an instrument repeatedly plays a note that starts whit an o?


What does the musical term fermata mean?

The fermata, an eye-like symbol above a music note means that the note of which it is over is to be held/ played for a prolonged period of time, usually longer than the note's given rhythmic value. For GSN Oodles purposes the answer to the question is: To hold or pause.