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ill manors

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Q: What is the music on Saturdays round up on motd 2?
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What was the Saturdays first song?

The Saturdays first song was Up.

When was Up - The Saturdays song - created?

Up - The Saturdays song - was created on 2008-10-12.

Who had no 8 hit with Up in 2008?

The Saturdays

What kind of music do The Saturdays sing?

The Saturdays are a pop singing group, but in their later works have edged things up a bit adding a bit of soul and hip hop to their singing style. The band doesn't only rely on its vocal abilities, but have launched into other arenas as well such as clothing and nails.

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Is up the latest relase by the Saturdays?

yes it is darling

What day does lost tapes come up?


When does Chris wake up when he doesn't have school?

on Saturdays and Sunday

How do you disable firewall for Counter strike?

You can disable it when your MOTD shows up and the message comes out.

Why did rochelle from the saturdays and marvin from jls break up?

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What was the saturdays December 2011 tour called?

The 'All fired up tour'.