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A silver knife, thrown by Bellatrix.

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Q: What is the murder weapon of Dobby?
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When was A Human Murder Weapon created?

A Human Murder Weapon was created in 1992.

What is the duration of A Human Murder Weapon?

The duration of A Human Murder Weapon is 1.18 hours.

Which weapon is not a murder weapon in cludeo?

Its a gun.

What are the release dates for Murder Weapon - 1989?

Murder Weapon - 1989 was released on: USA: November 1989 (video premiere)

What was the murder weapon in Halloween?

bloody axe

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What is the murder weapon in 12 angry men?

a knife

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Why the murder weapon may have not been the boys in Twelve Angry Men?

The weapon was a knife not the boys. Juror number 8, the protagonist, easily bought a similar knife to the murder weapon and planted a further seed of reasonable doubt.

What is the weapon used most to commit murder?

The most common murder weapon in the United States is firearms, followed by sharp objects, then personal body parts, such as hands and feet.

What are advantages of being a forensic scientists?

Some advantages are that you get respect from the law and you should feel 'happy' that you have solved a murder or what ever you are doing that field. Also... you can get to work out who did the murder, and how, what is the murder weapon, and if it was a gun or a long distance weapon where it came from. X