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Q: What is the movie were a little girl sits in front of her parents TV and her parents wake up and she says there here?
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What is the name of the movie where there is a little girl and her and her family go to this town but no one is there and then the parents turn into pigs and the little girl meets another little boy?

The name of this Oscar winning animated film is "Spirited Away" and the girl's name is Chihiro and the boy's name is Haku .

When was Little Girl Lost - TV movie - created?

Little Girl Lost - TV movie - was created in 1987.

What is the name of the horror movie about a little girl (Maybe more children) and parents who are in an old house because the child is sick?

The Haunting in Connecticut.

What anime movie as shown on Adult Swim a couple of years ago. It had a little girl and her parents turned into pigs and she met this little boy and at the end he turned into a drogon?

The Movie is called Spirited Away. It was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

What movie has a little girl wearing a green wig?

The little girl wearing a green wig

Can you make out with a girl in front of your parents?

Well, yes you can. But that is class-less.

Is the girl from the movie orphan the same girl that played the little girl in the movie the ring?

No. The Little girl in the movie is named Daveigh Chase. I have no clue what the girls name is in The Orphan. But I hope this answers part of your question. I know for sure that It isn't the Girl From the ring though.

What movie has someone calling a little girl my little babushka?


What was the little girl's name in the movie Rio?


Was Mary J Blige parents helpful as a little girl?


What did the little girl come out of in The Ring?

In the movie The Ring (2002), the little girl, Samara, comes out of a well.

What is the movie about the little girl who gets her legs crushed by a train and dies I believe it is a Holiday movie about a poor family and the little girl was sitting on the tracks and died?

I think Where The Heart Is