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most extreme form of authoritarianism called

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Q: What is the most extreme form of Authoritarianism?
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What extreme was an Nazism?

Socialism. And Communism is the most extreme version of Socialism.

What is after authoritarianism on the political power spectrum?

If we imagine that the greatest extreme of political power is authoritarianism, then a lesser degree of political power would be a democratically elected leader, who may wield great power, but who also can be voted out of office.

The most extreme form of central government?


Is Authoritarianism closely related to democracy?

NO. While both are forms of government; democracy is explicitly a form of government where the citizens vote on who will rule them and authoritarianism is any other type of power structure.

Which form of severe weather causes the most fatalities in the U.S.?

Extreme temperatures cause the most fatalities in the US. Both extreme heat and extreme cold.

Did thomas hobbes the author of leviathan believe in authoritarianism or in egalitarianism?


What does fascism-communism and authoritarianism have in common?

Fascism is a political philosophy, typically considered far right-wing but with some interesting left-wing elements. Communism is an economic philosophy that is typically considered far left-wing. Authoritarianism is a form of government based mainly upon extreme power exercised by the government with limited to no recourse for the people. Historically, countries that have been Fascist or Communist have wound up having Authoritarian governments.

What can be considered an extreme form of rebreathing?

holding your breath is an extreme form of rebreathing

Is it true When Socialism is taken to its extreme it's called Authoritarianism?

NOT EXACTLY. Socialism taken to its extreme is usually called COMMUNISM. However, almost all Communist regimes are also Authoritarian regimes. "Authoritarian", though, refers to any government that is dictatorial.

Where does authoritarianism exist?


What is anti-authoritarianism?

Anti-authoritarianism is a belief that communities should have a right to govern themselves and not to be ruled by an outside force.

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The most extreme form is called severe cystic acne.