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Well there really is no moral lesson because the movie was a true story, so if you want a moral lesson, the best one you will find is listen to the instructions given (because they told the city that there was an earthquake and that everyone should evacuate but nobody listened.

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Q: What is the moral lesson of the movie Dante's peak?
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Is jamie renee smith in the movie Dantes Peak?

Yes, she is :)

How tall is Dantes Peak?

Dante's Peak is not a real volcano and is fictional. Dante's Peak was a movie that was released in 1997 and there is no mention of height.

Who is Terry Furlong in Dantes peak?

Kirk Trutner.

What kind of dog is Ruffy in Dantes peak?

Portuguese Podengo

Is Dantes peak a real volcano?

No it is not a real volcano. I learned this in Science Class and we studied it.. Thanks Wiki.answers!

What is the science concept in Dantes peak?

The science concept in "Dante's Peak" revolves around volcanic eruptions and the potential hazards they pose to nearby communities. The movie explores themes such as volcano monitoring, eruption prediction, and the measures taken to evacuate residents in the face of imminent danger.

What is the moral lesson of Dante's peak?

The moral lesson of "Dante's Peak" is the importance of preparedness and listening to expert advice in the face of natural disasters. It highlights the consequences of ignoring warnings and cutting corners for the sake of profit or convenience.

What is the moral lesson in the Dante's peak movie?

Be alert! Be ready for the disaster-stock food and protective gear, use a communication device, go out to the place if it is too dangerous and always be updated by means of media. We should take care of our environment, plant more trees, avoid throwing garbage anywhere and prevent Kaingin system or illegal logging.

What volcano erupts as the movie Dante's Peak begins?

Mount Baker is the volcano that erupts at the beginning of the movie Dante's Peak.

What movie is this from The highest peak of the tallest tower?


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