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Gregorian Chant

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Q: What is the monophonic melodies compiled by certain people?
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What is the term used to describe a group of people singing the same part?

unison, monophonic

Why do people prefer stereophonic sound system than monophonic sound system?

They prefer stereo because that is how we hear.

A song in which several people sing the same melody but each singer starts at a different time is an example of?

monophonic texture

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What is idozer?

A bunch of sounds, compiled into a torrent, that when listened to for a certain period of time, will make you feel a certain kind of high. There are different versions, for whatever different drug you feel like feeling like you just did...if that makes sense. I've never done it, but I know people who have.

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What is mono audio?

The word mono is from the Greek, meaning one, or alone.Mono audio, is the shortened version of monaural audio, which means one channel.Some people think it is "monophonic", but that is wrong.

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A life changing experience full of ear blowing bass, spirit lifting melodies, and the coolest people.

What has the author Jane Thorpe Dunbar written?

Jane Thorpe Dunbar has written: 'Little people's out-of-door melodies' -- subject(s): Children's poetry

Musical texture during the earlier part of the Middle Ages was mostly?

Most music during the Middle Ages was monophonic. This means that there was only one line of music, no matter how many people were singing, and there was no harmony.