What is the metal dan?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Metal Dan is a sex act. It is most often performed by older men (usually middle aged) on children (usually under the age of 12, and most often male), however, a man can perform it upon anyone. This sex act begins with the male using a razor blade to widen the victim's anus, in order to penetrate it. The man then deposits his seed into the opened anus, after which he forces the victim to defecate into his mouth. After swallowing the mixture of feces, blood, and semen, he then vomits back into the anus from whence it came. The man then penetrates it once more, so that his penis is sufficiently covered in blood, semen, feces, and vomit, at which point he forces the victim to deep-throat his penis.

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why do you need to know?

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Q: What is the metal dan?
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