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The word "vanished" means "disappeared". For example, if a stain is removed from an item of clothing, it would be possible to say that "the stain has vanished".

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Q: What is the meaning of the word vanished?
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What is the meaning of Vanished?

it is to disappear from sight.

What is the sentence of word vanished?

"The Magician vanished in a puff of smoke." "In the morning, the clouds had vanished as if they had never been there."

How can you use the word vanished in a sentence?

The magician's dove just vanished!

What part of speech is the word vanished?

Vanished is a verb. It's the past tense of vanish.

What is the answer to the antonym of the word vanished?


Is the word vanished a verb or not?

Is it verb

Can you give another word for disappeared?


Is vanished a noun?

The word 'vanished' is the past participle, past tense of the verb 'to vanish'; the past participle of the verb is also an adjective, for example, a vanished species.Noun forms for the verb 'to vanish' are 'vanisher' and 'vanishment'.

What rhymes with vanish?

There is only one true rhyme for vanished: banished. A true rhyme is a word that is exactly the same except for whatever is before the first vowel. In this case, the first vowel is "a" (vanished; banished).There is also one near rhyme: famished. A near rhyme is a word that is exactly the same except for one sound (vanished and famished).There are no other rhymes for vanished, exact or near.

Can you give me a sentence with the word shrubbery in it?

The cat just vanished into the shrubbery.

Functions between word processing and PowerPoint?

In Word 2003 there were Import /Export functions. These have vanished in 2007

A sentence for the word trace?

Answers provided to questions have vanished without a trace.