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either something has broken or something has broken off and can be glued back on with a bit of glue e.g: the arm has snapped off the chair

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Q: What is the meaning of snapped off?
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What does the idiom lost his temper mean?

Meaning you snapped and got angry.

How do you use the word 'snapped' in a sentence?

Due to the high winds many branches were snapped off the trees.

Why does erica have one arm?

She wouldn't get me food so i snapped it off.

Can you fix Disney Infinity Figures if they get broken because my Violet Figure's head got snapped off?

We reglued her head on once, worked fine until it snapped off again. Terrible design.

What page is the word deftly on in The Giver And what is the meaning of it in the book?

pg. 79 'This one had a switch, which the mandeftly snapped to the end that said OFF. Jonas almost gasped aloud. To have the power to turn the speaker off ?'quick and neat in movement; nimble; dexterous

Do you always Die from a snapped neck?

A person can die if their spinal cord is snapped off at the neck, killing them instantly. As far as clicking it back into place, its best to see a chiropractor.

Are DGK decks durable?

I snapped my dgk rodrigo tx board today trying to heelflip off a 2 foot tall ramp over a chair and landed on the tail it snapped/:

Your daewoo matiz cam belt snapped when trying to take bottom pully off what damage would be done?

aslong as you hav not tried to start it with it snapped then there will be no damage just a new belt needed

How do you use the word snapped in sentence?

Ex. "You snapped a twig." "I think I snapped something." "She sanpped her fingers." Then of course there is Snapped the show where wives kill their husbands.

What does it mean when a check engine light cones on and the car cuts off?

timing belt may have snapped

What is the duration of Snapped?

The duration of Snapped is 1800.0 seconds.

When was Snapped created?

Snapped was created on 2004-08-06.