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blowjob =)

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Q: What is the meaning of shin shin taberu?
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What is the word eater when translated from English to Japanese?

Taberu hito

What is the translation of eat to Japanese?


What is the Japanese translation of eat?

verb - taberu

How do you say to eat in japanese?

taberu (to eat)

What is the meaning of shin atami?

Shin atami is Japanese and literally means believe or trust hot ocean in English. Shin translates to believe or trust; Atami translates to hot ocean.

What is the English meaning of Japanese word shin ju which is written in Romaji?

shin ju means to make love and/ or anal sex

What is the Japanese hiragana word for eat?

たべる taberu

How do you say eater in Japanese?

食べる人 Taberu hito

I know the normal meaning just wondering if shin has a second darker meaning so what does shin mean like in the street fighter character name Shin Akuma?

Shin can be written using several different characters and, depending on exact usage, can mean true, heart, belief, gentleman, new, extend, progress, gentleman, humility or advance. It can also be combined with other characters to create additional words.

Shin guya chi chongo itima shin shun una ping pinago ching meaning in English?

It means nothing, just some made up imaginary words.

How do you pronounce to eat in Japanese?

Casually: 食べたいか? (Tabe tai ka?) Politely: 食べたいですか? (Tabe tai desu ka?)

How do you write eat in Japanese?

The verb, to eat, in Japanese is Taberu, which, in Kanji, is written食べる