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Q: What is the meaning of sensual music?
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Does listening to music fall under the category of sensual pleasure?

Very good question! Actually, musicologists have been wrestling with this question for quite some time, and since I have studied musicology, perhaps I can give my two cents. I think it would be very difficult to say that listening to music is JUST a sensual pleausre alone. Most people agree that it is not just the sounds we sense (hear) in music that we find pleasurable, but also (to a significant extent) the sense we can make of the sound we hear using our intelletual minds. We do this either by discerning internal patterns and relationships within the music - this bit is louder or faster or higher than this bit, this bit is like that bit from before - or because it reminds us of something outside the music in the real world - such as the sounds of Nature, or a group of people, or a particular time in the past perhaps. Therefore listening to music is not just sensual but necessarily intellectual also. This intellectual dimension is what sets music apart from other sound experiences we might take pleasure in, such as the rustling of trees or the thundering of a waterfall. This is not to say that sometimes certain music is enjoyed for its sensual qualities more than its intellectual qualities. Because of its exotic, subtle and colourful timbres, the orchestral music of Debussy is enjoyed for its sensual qualities, for example, while the fugues of J S Bach, played on a simple clavichord, are more likely to be appreciated for their structural, technical, intellectual achievements. Of course, listening to any piece of music you use a bit of raw sense and a bit of intellect mixed together in varying amounts. So in answer to your question - yes, music does fall under the category of sensual pleasure, but just as much as an activity like going to an art gallery or watching TV. It falls under lots of other aesthetic categories as well. Hope that helps! Adam

What are the ratings and certificates for Sensual Friends - 2001?

Sensual Friends - 2001 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:R USA:R

What actors and actresses appeared in Sensual Progression - 1984?

The cast of Sensual Progression - 1984 includes: Alban Ceray Evelyne Lang

What is the meaning of each letter in music?


When was The Sensuous Woman created?

The Indecent Woman was created on 1991-04-26.

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What is the difference in meaning between the words sensuous and sensual?

Sensuous usually involves the senses involved in aesthetic enjoyment, as of art or music. Sensual more often applies to the physical senses or appetites, more particularly those associated with sexual pleasure.

What do kabuki mask stand for?

Ka = music Bu = dance Ki = skill From 1603 as a somewhat sensual dance, combinated with theatre. Kabuki ment "strange". Later on the meaning went to music, dance and skill.

Does fast upbeat music make you have fasthard sex or slow music make you have slow sensual sex etc etc?


What does mean malibog?

== == Malibog is a Tagalog word meaning sensual, lewd, lustful or lascivious.

What does noche sensual mean?

Sensual night

What are examples of sensual pleasures?

Examples of sensual pleasures include tasting your favorite food, feeling a warm hug, listening to music that moves you, and smelling freshly baked cookies. They are experiences that engage your senses and bring joy and satisfaction.

What is the English translation of 'musica relajante'?

Musica Relajante is a Spanish phrase which means in English "Relaxing Music ". It is a Spanish way of speaking of music in a sexy, smooth or sensual way.

Whats the meaning of sensual seduction?

to make your partner for the night want to do something naughty!!! ;') Its called having it :P

What is the difference between sensual and sensuous?

Quoting William Safire -New York Times Magazine: 'sensual =pertaining to the senses/indulgent in physical pleasure 'sensuous' = descriptive of aesthetic appreciation Thus you can get sensual pleasure from watching an R-rated movie and a sensuous pleasure out of listening to beautiful music or sniffing grandma's home baked biscuits..

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