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"Chief, eyes on your own paper."

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Q: What is the man saying talking to the mannequin in Sears optial Commercial?
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Who is the actor in the commercial with the talking dog who keep saying VAZ?

best friends

Is the show Hannah Montana really over because you saw a commercial on Disney that was talking about a whole new season?

no, there was a commercial after saying a new season would be comming in the summer

What language are they speaking in the new jeep commercial and what are they saying?

They were literally talking in internet langauge. "More Sharpie's in Pooper!!" Glad I could help.

What is the kid saying on the cooks pest control commercial?

In the commercial with the cowboy hat, he's saying "Did you make those bugs take a dirt nap, partner?"

What are the guinea pigs saying in the Geico commercial?


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He went to Jared.

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Pure. Adrenaline.

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she has asthma

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Is Bacardi called out on the old navy commercial?

I thought the same thing at first. They keep saying Layer Player so i listened closer and they said "Drop my Cardi" I assume in reference to a Cardigan sweater they are selling. Though talking about Vodka would make it a better commercial that's not the case.

What was the company or the TV commercial about either from the 80s or 90s with a boss saying your working late tonight spitting on his clients desks and a client saying I cant I got to go to therapy?

The TV commercial you are referring to is a Snickers commercial from the early 2000s. In the commercial, a boss is shown spitting on his clients' desks, and one of the clients responds by saying, "I can't, I have therapy." The commercial was part of Snickers' popular "You're not you when you're hungry" campaign.

What is the song in the new dell laptop commercial for the colored laptops 2008?

It's called The W.A.N.D. by the Flaming Lips... Great song, isn't it?