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Mabinogi world has it.

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Q: What is the mabinogi music score for goldenrod city?
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Where can you find a download link for HeartGold's Goldenrod city music?

go to and search "goldenrod city music" or something

Where is goldenrod tunnel?

In Goldenrod city

Wheere is bill after you bump into him in goldenrod city?

He is still in Goldenrod city

Where is Goldenrod City in Silver?

Goldenrod City is North of route 34.

How do you get to goldenrod city in Pokemon Silver?

How do you get to goldenrod city in pokemon silver?

How do you unlock the door in goldenrod city in Pokemon gold?

use the basement key in goldenrod city. the key is in goldenrod.

Where is the goldenrod city dance hall?

There isn't one in Goldenrod, it is actually in Ecruteak City.

Where do you get the hm for goldenrod city in Pokemon soulsilver?

lol hm for goldenrod city :D

How do you beat goldenrod city in heartgold?

You have to beat the gym leader and move on to the next city to defeat Goldenrod City.

How do you get to goldenrod city in soul silver?

how to get t goldenrod city is check your map under the poke'gear app and look around till you see goldenrod city and that what heloed me to get to goldenrod city

Who gives dig to you in goldenrod city in Pokemon HeartGold?

Me?! I just bought the TM for it in Goldenrod City.

Where is goldenrod city in Pokemon FireRed version?

you cant get to goldenrod city in Pokemon fire red its impossible