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"Proclamation" by Douglas Ye (Doyen DOY CD 055, released in 1996) is sometimes said to be the longest CD ever recorded. It's officially 80:17, but my CD player (a 1980's De non which has no trouble playing the full CD) says 80:20. "Proclamation" is a bass Trombone recital with 17 tracks of typical recital material, varied enough to keep it interesting despite the length. Doug is one of the world's leading bass trombonists, he's accompanied by the Black Dike Mills Band, Doyen are a well known UK label specialising in brass recordings. If this is indeed the longest CD ever recorded it shows no signs of being a conscious or contrived attempt to push the envelope.

NOT ANYMORE As of May of 2012 there is a recording of the four movement version of Bruckner's symphony #9 under Simon Rattle with a total timing on one CD of 82:10

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Q: What is the longest CD ever recorded?
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