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Porfidio tequila. Use subtitles.

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Q: What is the liquor referenced in the movie sanctum?
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What age rate is sanctum movie?

age 13

What was the expensive brand of tequila featured in the James Cameron movie Sanctum?

Sauza is not the brand of tequila used in the movie Sanctum. It's Porfidio with the distinctive glass cactus attached to the inside bottom of the bottle.

Why is the movie sanctum rated R?

Language, some violence, and disturbing images.

Where was sanctum filmed?

Sanctum was filmed in Australia.

What is the premise of the movie Sanctum?

Sanctum is a film about a group of cave divers who get trapped in the cave system after an accident, which causes further flooding in the caves. To find their way out the survivors have to work together and fight the natural elements.

When was The Inner Sanctum created?

The Inner Sanctum was created in 2006.

When was Guaiacum sanctum created?

Guaiacum sanctum was created in 1753.

When was Sanctum released?

Sanctum was released on 02/04/2011.

What was the Production Budget for Sanctum?

The Production Budget for Sanctum was $30,000,000.

What is scientific name of tulsi plant?

Ocimum tenuiflorum

Who directed the movie sactum?

The award winning film, Sanctum, was directed by Alister Grierson. It was released in February 2011.

Is the movie sanctum ok for kids?

I've been told that it isn't very scary but it does contain a lot of swearing.