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No one listens when a teenager suspects that her cousin is in an abusive relationship.

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Two brothers support each other as they raise their very different teenage sons, one of whom is seemingly perfect, but is in an abusive relationship.

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Q: What is the lifetime movie Reviving Ophelia about?
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Where to watch reviving ophelia?

lifetime and lifetime movie network

What actor played the dad in the lifetime movie reviving ophelia?

Peter Outerbridge.

Did Ophelia in the movie reviving ophelia die?


Who did Nick Thurston and Shane Daly both play in Reviving Ophelia on Lifetime?

Mark and Terry Stenwyck (the abusive misogynistic father-son duo on Lifetime's Reviving Ophelia).

Who were Elizabeth Jones's parents in Reviving Ophelia?

Walter and Marie Jones.

Who were Kelli Dunley's parents in Reviving Ophelia?

LeAnne Dunley and an unknown father.

Who were Mark Stenwyck's parents in Reviving Ophelia?

Terence "Terry" Stenwyck and an unknown mother.

Is the book Reviving Ophelia a good book?

Well Ive seen the movie, and it was really good. They always say that the book is always better than the movie, so I'm assuming yes :)

What are the release dates for Reviving Ophelia - 2010 TV?

Reviving Ophelia - 2010 TV was released on: USA: 11 October 2010 Canada: 7 January 2011 France: 25 May 2011 Spain: 8 April 2012

What is the full title of Reviving Ophelia the book about adolescent girls?

The full title to this book is called Reviving Ophelia:Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls. This book was written back in 1994.

What is the MPAA rating for Reviving Ophelia?

It is rated PG-13 for disturbing scenes of teen dating violence and stalking.

What is the alternate prelude to Reviving Ophelia on Lifetime?

Mrs. Stenwyck and her 7-year-old son Mark flee from her abusive husband (who kills himself with a cyanide pill, unbeknownst to Mark and his mother) for good, because she fears that her son will follow into his father's footsteps (and also fall prey to the cycle of abuse).