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The Verve - Appalachian Springs

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Ain't No Reason - Brett Dennen, i think.

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Sonya Kitchell 'Soldier's Lament'

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Q: What is the last song on The Unit episode22 season 4?
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Last Song in season 3 episode 2 before credits of Wallander

Theme song for season 5 of the unit?

There is no season five as of yet. Season 4 is "walk the fire" by Robert Duncan.

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this time by John Legend

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love you hate you

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He is walking into prison in the last scene of the season 7 premiere. i don't know if you mean that episode and are just getting them confused but if so that song is "sober - kelly clarkson"

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The episode Swan Song is not supposed to be the last episode ever. Both Jared and Jensen signed up for another season.

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