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See (1:57) -

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Q: What is the instrumental played at the Eminem The Rap City Relapse Freestyle YouTube video?
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Why did Eminem name his album Relapse?

Eminem called his relapse album relapse because it is about him relapsing back to prescription drugs. its that simple.

When was Relapse - Eminem album - created?

Relapse - Eminem album - was created on 2009-05-15.

What is the newest Eminem CD?

Relapse and will follow with relapse 2 "'i think''

Beautiful by Eminem what album?

Beautiful by Eminem was on his Relapse Album ;)

When in Latvia will be Eminem relapse?


When will Eminem's relapse be in Serbia?


Is Eminem still making CD's?

he relased relapse and relapse: refil and is expected to relase relapse 2 in febuary

Will eminem have a new CD after relapse?

Yes, he was going to have Relapse 2 but he made it Recovery.

What is the name of the new Eminem CD?


What CD is 3am by Eminem on?

Relapse (2009)

Does Eminem freestyle?

yes he does

Is eminem coming out with a new CD?

yes. Relapse.