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(We're Gonna Hang Out) The Washing On The Siegfried Line, sung by Flanagan & Allen written by Jimmy Kennedy & Michael Carr, in 1940 or possibly 1941. The song annoyed the German High command because it made fun of them and, it was banned on US radio stations because it was considered that it may infringe US neutrality at that time. It is a young soldier writing his mother a letter from the battlefields in France during WW2, and making light of the situation. The Siegfried Line was a German line of fortifications built in direct opposition to the French Maginot Line prior to and during WW2. We're gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,

Have you any dirty washing mother dear?

We're gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,

'cause the washing day is here.

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Q: What is the history behind the war song 'hang out your washing on the Siegfried line'?
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