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My Sweet 666

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Q: What is the him song bam plays in his jukebox in viva la bam?
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What is the song from the viva la bam episode when vito made a bet with bam that he can be a rockstar?

the song at the beginning that they play out of the jukebox is called sweet 666 and its by him

What is the name of the song in viva la bam viva la Europe part one when bam and Ryan are driving to Romania?

atomiclove by the beatsticks

In viva la bam's where's vito episode what song played as Bam met vito at the quarry?

i have no idea but i really what to know to.......... WHAT IS THAT SONG!!!

What was the name of the song in Viva La Bam in season 4 episode Viva La Europe where Bam throws water on Phil while he was sleeping?

I never really watched Viva La Bam. The name of the song is "Chocolate Milk Man going down to Sarah Faribrothers house." This should be the answer that you were looking for.

What is the cradle of filth song in viva la bam episode of Where is vito?


What is the song that is used in bam's unholy union and viva la bam that sounds like the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin?

Demons & Wizards - Immigrant Song. I think that's right

What is the duration of Viva La Bam?

The duration of Viva La Bam is 1320.0 seconds.

In Viva la bam series 3 episode 7 ''mall of bam'' what was the song that was playing throughout the skate demo?

The song is called 'Slut Machine' by Monster Magnet

What is the name of the song on viva la bam groundhog day when clutch plays?

The play two songs. The first is called "The Mob Goes Wild" and the second is called "Promoter"

What is the song called that is played durin the 'castle bam' episode of viva la bam where bam and the crew are riding in his hummer looking for a new house?

My Chemical Romance "Ghost Of You"

What is the theme song for viva la bam?

Daniel Lioneye -King of Rock n' Roll

When did Viva La Bam end?

Viva La Bam ended on 2005-08-14.