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Don't think it says the character's height in the book, but the actor who plays Charlie in the films, Billy Burke is 1.84 m tall.

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Q: What is the height of charlie swan?
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What is charlie from twilight last name?

its charlie swan

What is the dad called in twilight?

In the Twilight series, the dad's name is Charlie Swan. He is Bella Swan's father.

What is a black swan's height?

The maximum height of a black swan is 142 cm.

What is charlie from twilight's full name?

Charlie Swan

What was the name of Bellas dad?


What is the name of Bellas dad?

Bella's dad's name is Charlie Swan and her step dads name is Phil!

What is charlie swan's real name?

Charlie Swan's real name is Charles Swan. He is a fictional character from the Twilight series written by Stephenie Meyer.

Who will play Charlie Swan in New Moon?

The actor for Charlie Swan who played in Twilight will stay the same for the sequel New Moon. Billy Burke plays the role of Charlie.

Who does Bella live with from twilight?

Bella Swan lives with her father, Charlie Swan, in Forks, Washington.

What does Charlie do in the Twilight books?

Charlie Swan in the Twilight Saga, Charlie is Chef Of Police in Forks.

Who is charlie swan?

Charlie Swan is Bella Swan's father who doesnt like Bella hanging out with Edward Cullen, duuuuuh you big idiots, shouldn't ya know this if you've red the book

What is bellas father name?

Charlie Swan