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The Jacksonville Municipal Stadium

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Q: What is the first stadium seen in background at beginning of waterboy?
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Who was the first country to march into the stadium at the beginning of the Olympics?


What was the first ballpark to sell sushi beginning in 1989?

Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego.

What are the songs from waterboy the movie it has the lyrics... your the only sweetest thing in the world?

The song is by Everything and it is called Who's Got the Hooch. I have loved it every since the first time I saw The Waterboy. Antony Colvin

What was the name of the first Yankee Stadium?

Yankee Stadium was the name of the first stadium as well as the current stadium.

When did the first Yankee Stadium open?

The first Yankee Stadium opened in 1923.

Which stadium did the Cowboys play in first?

The first stadium the Cowboys played in was the Cotton Bowl.

What movies has the quote you can do it?

The Water Boy

The Houston Texans' Reliant Stadium is the first NFL stadium to have which feature?

The retractable roof was open for the first Super Bowl in Reliant Stadium.

What was the name of the first Minnesota Twins stadium?

Metropolitan Stadium

What was the philadelphia phillies first stadium?

They played at Recreational park. The first real stadium was the Baker Bowl

What stadium hosted the first NFL game in Europe?

Wembley Stadium

What stadium that the Ravens play in during their first year in Baltimore?

Memorial Stadium