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You are probably thinking of Igor Sikorsky, one of the major contributors to the invention of the helicopter. A link is provided.

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Q: What is the first name of the inventor Sikorsky?
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What is the name of the first man who built the helicopter?

That was Igor Sikorsky, a Russian engineer and inventor who came to US before WW2

Who was the original inventor of the helicopters?

A Russian-American, Igor Sikorsky, invented the first working helicopter...however, Leonardo Da Vinci created the concept of a helicopter many years before Sikorsky was born.

Who was the original inventor of the helicopter?

Igor Sikorsky invented the first practical helicopter.

Who was the inventor of helicopter?

Igor Sikorsky invented the helicopter.

What is the birth name of Igor Sikorsky?

Igor Sikorsky's birth name is Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky.

What was the name of first helicopter made?

That was the Sikorsky VS 300

Who was the inventor of the helicopter in 1936?

Igor Sikorsky and Paul Cornu invented the helicopter in 1907. It was the first operating helicopter to actually take flight.

Where was igor sikorsky inventor of the first multi-engine fixed-wing aircraft helicopter born?

25 May, 1889 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia.

Who was the inventor of the helicopters in the 1930s?

There were many inventors of helicopters. I believe Igor Sikorsky was the best.

What was the name or the first helicopter made in the US?

The first practical helicopter built was the Sikorsky VS300, as in pic.

What was the name of the military helicopter ever built?

If you mean "first" , i beleive that was the Sikorsky R4.

What did Sikorsky make?

Igor Sikorsky, a Russian born American, made the world's first practical helicopter.