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season 1; episode 22

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Q: What is the episode that melindas friend dies?
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Who dies on make it or break it season 3?

Maeve dies, which is really sad. She was a model Kaylie's friend: they met in the eating disorder program.

Juraiya dies in what episode of Naruto?

the episode is not out yet but he dies on chapter 383 in the manga

What episode does madara dies?

the last episode

What episode did Rachel die in glee?

There is no episode of Glee where Rachel dies.

When a friend dies part of yourself dies too.What is the punctuation mark of this sentence?

When a friend dies, part of yoursel dies too.

What episode does orichimaru die?

In episode 114 of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke absorbs Orochimaru into his body.

What happens in the last episode of Breaking Bad?

In the last episode of Breaking Bad Walter White dies .

Will Kenny ever really die?

No. Kenny dies in the episode Kenny Dies (episode 13, season 5), but he was only gone temporarily. He returned at the very end of the episode Red Sleigh Down (episode 17, season 6).It was explained in the episode Coon vs. Coon and Friends(episode 13, season 14) that Kenny never actually dies. Whenever he dies, he is reborn almost instantly.

Where can you watch the episode of charmed where Prue dies?

Prue dies in Season 3 Episode 22- All Hell Breaks Loose!!

What is the episode wen riku dies in blood plus?

He dies in episode 32. Diva rapes him and gives him her blood so he crystallises and dies.

Which episode comes after dan blocker dies in real life?

Episode 50

Which class of the titans episode is it when Jay dies?

I am not sure there is an episode that occurs that question!!