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"Marge in Chains" has an allusion to the Zapruder film of JFK's assassination .

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Q: What is the episode of the John F. Kennedy Simpson called?
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What is the event called when John F. Kennedy got killed by the assassain's bullet?

This is called the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

What is John F. Kennedy's real name?

JFK REAL name is john Fitzgerald Kennedy, he was the youngest president ever at the time that he held office and was also the third president to die in office. he was preceded in death by his wife and two kids. he was killed in dallas texas.

What was John Kennedy's nickname?


What was President John F. Kennedy's last name?

The name is in your question "Kennedy". That is why he is called President Kennedy.

What airport is named after John Fitzgerald Kennedy?

The airport is called john F. Kennedy and its locate in Queens, New York.

Where did John F. Kennedy go to school?

John F. Kennedy went to a boarding school called the Choate School for high school.

What was John F. Kennedy term called?


Why was John F. Kennedy called nickname.?


Is it John F. Kennedy or Jack F Kennedy?

Formally he's referred to as John F. Kennedy or sometimes John Kennedy; his friends and family called him Jack, so he was known to some as Jack Kennedy. But he is only very rarely referred to as Jack F. Kennedy. The most common names are President Kennedy, John F. Kennedy and JFK.

What president nickname was jack?

John F. Kennedy was nicknamed Jack. If John Tyler, John Adams, or John Quincy Adams was called Jack, it's not obvious.

Is John F Kennedy's real name Jack?

No, it was John. Jack is a somewhat common nickname for John.

Did John F. Kennedy have a cat?

yes, called kitty