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convenience store

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Q: What is the english of sari sari store?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of sari-sari store?

disadvantages of sari-sari store

What are solutions that can be found in a sari-sari store?

Vinegar is a solution that can be found in a sari sari store.

What are examples of strengths to handle a sari sari store?

Ask your neighbors and find out what they'd be willing to buy from you if you put up a sari-sari store at home.

Where can you buy macapuno?

in sari-sari store

How can a sari-sari store compete with other sari-sari stores?

I would tell you but then i would be out of business, so sarri sarri.

Mission and vision of sari-sari store?

The mission of a sari-sari store is to provide convenience to the community by offering a wide range of essential goods at affordable prices. The vision is to become a trusted neighborhood retailer that meets the daily needs of customers while fostering a sense of community and connection.

What solution in your home or in the sari sari store acid and basis?

malay ko

What is solution do you find in your home in sari sari store and super market?


What are the sari-sari store problems?

A sari sari store is a store that is started in front of the house. Some of the problems they encounter include the choice of the right goods. Some goods do not have high turnover. Others include poor record keeping and poor financing. This brings about stock outs.

What are the advantages and disadantages of sari-sari store?

WE could buy needs nearer and anytime

How can a sari sari store compete with other sari sari stores?

If sari store A have more enhanced and better customer service than sari store B. Customers often wants knowledgeable and available staff, friendly people, good value, convenience and a fast finish meaning quicker cash register. On the bottom line customers often come to your store because of your service. If you give people what they want and the way they want it and fast finish when it comes to pay up. So if store A have better customer service with average sari price and store B have same pricing system as store A but with low amount of satisfied customers, then obviously people will enter in store A more than store B. However store B can still have chance by upgrading their status with customer service. Special offer like half-price etc. can help to motivate the store. I hope that helped you

What is the review of related literature of sari-sari store?

The review of related literature on sari-sari stores typically covers studies on their economic impact, role in community development, challenges faced by store owners, and strategies for improvement. Researchers often explore how sari-sari stores contribute to the local economy, provide livelihood opportunities, and serve as important social hubs. Additionally, studies may also examine factors influencing the sustainability and profitability of these small neighborhood stores.