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LOL a song witout bass... or dazed and confused by led zepplin

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Q: What is the easiest Bass song?
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What is the easiest guitar to play?

The Bass

What is the easiest way to memorise a song?

The easiest way to memorize a song is the read the lyrics while listening to the song

Who sang the original rescue me song?

fontella bass....

What kind of song was the Super Bass?

It is a love song

What is the name of the bass guitarist in the song get back with Demi Lovato?

The name of the bass guitarist in the song is John Fields.

What is the album name of the song boom bass by Nicki Minaj?

because it is part of her new song super bass

What is the easiest song to perform as a monologue?

One of the easiest songs to perform for a monologue is called "The Cradle Song".

Did bernard Edwards play bass on you touch your self song?

did bernard Edwards play bass on "i touch my self" song

What is the song by Nicki minaj that song about barbie?

super bass? you got that super bass boom ba doom boom:)

Is Nikki minaj's song called super bass with a short A or super bass with a long A?

It's pronounced 'base' as in the 'bass' from a subwoofer, not 'bass' as in the fish. If you actually listen to the song you can hear her pronounce it as 'base' (Obviously spelt as 'bass', but with the long A sound.)

What is the easiest song to play on the key board?

the easiest song to play on key board is twinkle twinkle little star.

What is Nikki minaj favorite song?

Her favorite song is Super Bass.