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The duration of Khotey Sikkey is 3120.0 seconds.

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Q: What is the duration of Khotey Sikkey?
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When was Khotey Sikkey created?

Khotey Sikkey was created on 2011-01-28.

When did Khotey Sikkey end?

Khotey Sikkey ended on 2011-04-23.

When will season 2 of khotey sikkey will start?

I think in 2013.

When khotey sikkey season 2 will release?

i hope it will start soon

What actors and actresses appeared in Khotey Sikkey - 2011?

The cast of Khotey Sikkey - 2011 includes: Dilkhush as Dilnaz Shroff Adhyaay Bakshi as Inspector Patil Soni Barring as Cameo Role Puru Chibber as Hameer Rizvi Vikas Kumar as Damodar Deshmukh Mark Parakh as Ayush Khetrapal Dilkhush Reporter as Dilnaz Shroff (2011) Sukhmani Sadana as Uttara Bakshi Hassan Zaidi as Mohit Kishenchandani

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