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Although in common usage, the terms are considered synomynous, dwarfism is a recognised medical condition. Midget is a term which is considered somewhat offensive as it has no medical definition.

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Nothing. People Just Tend To Use Different Terms That Mean The Same Thing.

No they don't mean the same thing - dwarfism is a genetic condition and the proportions of the body are 'uneven' whereas midget is a term used to describe someone of small stature ( usually as a derogatory term)

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Q: What is the difference between midget and dwarf?
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What is the difference to a dwarf people and to a midget person?

i think a midget is bigger than a dwarf

Who is taller a dwarf or a midget?

They have the same height, which is less than 147 cm (4' 10"). The difference is that a dwarf has disproportion of body parts, while a midget is normally proportioned.

Short people are called what?

You would call a short man a "Midget" or a "Dwarf".

Do dwarf sharks have teeth?

your a dwarf you midget.

Which is smaller a dwarf or a midget?

They are just synonyms. They mean the exact same thing. So there is no difference in height.

What is smaller a dwarf or a midget?

'Dwarf' and 'midget' are synonyms used to describe someone whose body is unusually small. Both are generally considered a derogatory way to refer to people of that size, though that may vary from region to region and from individual to individual. There is no implied size difference between the two terms.

Is a midget bigger than a dwarf?


The difference between a dwarf and a midget?

My search showed this info: The dwarf is a medical term for the person with an extremely short height of less than 147 cm ... Midget is a slang word used for a short person that suffers from proportionate dwarfism. Dwarfs suffer from disproportionality of body parts. Midgets only are short in height with all rest body parts in normal form.

Which is bigger a midget or a dwarf?

A dwarf is taller. They are also stronger and smarter.

What causes dwarf or midget size?

the chromosomes

What is a short person called?

dwarf or midget

What is the difference between a dwarf hamster and a Chinese dwarf hamster?

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