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Status of Wrestler Bill GoldbergI'm not sure where he is, but I read somewhere, that Vince didn't want to keep him, because of his lack of safety. Everyone knows pro wrestling is "fake" but they can get hurt, if they are careless, in they're actions. Goldberg didn't care about his a opponent's safety and legitimately, hurt a few guys, before Vince said "No more!" He's a very impressive guy, but Vince does care about his superstars and tries to keep them as safe as he can. The superstars are tought the cool moves, we see in every match, but they are also tought to work together, to make a great match that both sides can walk away relatively unskived. Accidents do happen and superstars do get hurt, but they don't go to the ring saying, to each other, " Oh, just to let you know,I'm going to beat you until your sidelined." "Ok, I havn't been in enough pain lately so make sure to hurt me the best way you can!" They want to put on a great show, but no matter if there "face" or "heel" they do care about the safety of each other. (Goldberg basicially did say: "Get ready to call you insurance comapny, your going to the hospital tonight!") Watch matches real close and you can see them talking to each other through out the match, so they know what each other is planing. Goldberg threw people around and didn't care what would happen to them. AnswerGoldberg and the WWE were having legal disputes and now he wrestles in New Japan mostly. Answerhe dosent wrestle atall if he wants to wrestle wwe will jump at the opertunity now they have got some money after firing 12 superstars he is working on his acting career and is openly mentioned on so he is in good terms. Answerwell he does not want to come back to the wwe, so right now he's hosting a show on cars, it's on the history or travel channel AnswerGoldberg might come back to the WWE if the money is right. AnswerI do not forsee it. I miss Goldberg very much. I agree with some articles that his career should have been more PPV and maybe a show about once a month. The way he "disappered" does not make it easy for him as a character to return. This is very unfortunate for I feel without him RAW has become stale. Not everyone can be used to create silly drama. Some wrestlers should be there just to Wrestle. Goldberg makes a great bada** and is a complete asset to WWE. I wish they could come to an agreement to have him back.. AnswerOf course he is coming back! He and Borck Lesner are comming back on Backlash for a rematch of their last Wrestlemania match. AnswerHe might be. He is being greedy moneywise. If he lowers his money demands, Vince might bring him back. He said in April 2005 he wouldn't rule out a return to WWE. AnswerIf he does it will be after his show Auto Maniac. AnswerThere's no news that Goldberg will come back to WWE. But one thing about Goldberg is that now he has his own show called "Automaniac". AnswerNope he wont. He has a new show on the History Channel and Vince said he didn't go by the rules. AnswerNo. At least not to the WWE. He said he is done with wrestling in a whole as he now hosts AutoManiac. AnswerNo, he lost a match that got him banished from the WWE, however TNA has been picking up the guys WWE fires. AnswerNo, his contract is finished. AnswerNo. Goldberg will never be back and here's why. He demanded that his contract state that he may never lose a match. He demanded huge amounts of money. AnswerMaybe, at Wrestlemania 20 when he did jackhammer he injured his leg and had to have major surgery. AnswerNO CAUSE HE WAS MAD WHEN THEY DECIDED HE WAS GOING TO LOSE IN THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER. SO HE DECIDED THAT HE WOULD FINISH AT WRESTLEMANIA 20. AnswerHe is not coming back. He was set in a story to lose to Lesnar at Wrestlemania 20, but refused to lose fair and square. With the company desperate for the match to take place, they decided Goldberg could have the victory fair and square, and his win would be overshadowed by a dire, unexiting match and him receiving a stunner at the end. He left on bad terms. AnswerHe's trying to get a new contract with the WWE. Now I guess it's just all up to Vince. AnswerGoldberg doesn't want to be in the WWE, he didn't sign his contract renewal after Wrestlemania. Lesnar wants to be a football player, and Nash is happy in TNA. By the way, lightweights and high flyers are what the business is about, not just walking hard-ons like triple h. Everyone is welcome in the buisness. AnswerFor the time being, there are no news about Goldberg coming to the WWE. In my opinion Vince should bring him back along with Lesnar and Nash, because wrestling is about large and built guys and not featherweights! AnswerHe won't come back because he got a new job which is becoming a movie star Answerhe wont because he was treat unfairly although he was one of the best ever wrestlers AnswerYeah, I read somewhere that Goldberg hates the WWE now. Answersome time when his knee is recovered AnswerHe'll be back around the 23 of never. He has severed his ties with the WWE and he doesn't show any signs of returning. Answerhe wont be back he left right after he was in the movie lonny tunes back in action Answerhe just didn't like it there. goldberg, like sting, bled wcw. however, unlike sting, goldberg gave wwe a chance and it just wasn't for him. you can't blame him. linda McMahon called him "dissapointing" during a public conference call. Answeri think that bill goldberg is the most strongest wrestlers today because no one can beat bill goldberg one on one especially no cheating AnswerGoldberg will not be coming back because he is not getting paid enough in the WWE, he will be playing football. But it would be nice to see him back. he could be very popular and get paid alot more than any of us dreamed of in the WWE. Or he could not be popular and get paid more money to play football. Answergoldberg is coming back but im not sure how soon i hope when comes back and gose to smackdown and parters with Rey Mysterio that will be cool AnswerGoldberg is almost certainly NOT coming back to WWE or wrestling ever. He's 43, his body is wrecked from wrestling and American football, he has 10000s of other options (sponsorship deals, movies, writing a book), and WWE isn't prepared to offer him the sort of money, contract or push that he wants or deserves. The reason goldberg left is because he was expected to sell and lose, something he doesn't excel at. WCW covered up his weaknesses by pushing him as a legitimate badass who steamrollered everyone. WWE knew better than this, because they already had a legitimate badass who steamrollered everybody in Triple H (incidentally, Goldberg challenged The Fifth McMahon to a shoot in an airport when a group of WCW wrestlers came across some then-WWF Wrestlers. Triple H, the hard-man he is, refused and called security to have goldberg removed from the airport). So, in short, Goldberg is not coming back because WWE don't want him, and he doesn't want to wrestle. Answerhes coming back there was an interview and he did figth at wrestlemania 21 angainst brock lesnar and stonecold and after that all of the superstarts disapeard (goldbeg Lesnar and stonecold) now stonecold is back and lesnar is the omvii r summen champian in japan wrestling and goldberg is acting and not wretsing that's rigth NOT WRESTLING but he and wwe r working on a 1 1/2yr contact for the next year wrestle mania till after the royale rumble retirement AnswerI don't see him coming back anytime soon. BUT....... lets not forget when hogan left for WCW it looked like he would never EVER come back to WWE he hated vince a lot but he came back. in wwe anything is possable so watch out you never now who could be ready to spear you from behind...... Answeryes he will be back,because wrestling is not what it used to be. WWE should hire him back. I think that wrestling is now boring and everybody forgot that it was BATISTA who broke GOLDBERGS leg in the first place. He is going to come back and take the World Heavyweight Championship belt or the WWE belt. AnswerI want Goldberg back as much as the next loyal wrestling fan. But it is obvious that Goldberg is now focusing on other things. You don't get a television show, get married, do movies and still have intentions on coming back to wrestling. Look at The Rock. He was the face of the WWE. SMACKDOWN is named after his catch phrase "I'm gonna lay the smackdown on your candy ass!!!" for Christ's sake. But once he got into movies even he found it hard to keep up with the WWE. And he had a great relationship with the WWE unlike Goldberg. Sure Goldberg could come back, but that would mean he would have to leave behind all of the tings he has accomplished in his post-wrestling career. And say he did return to wreslting, why wouldn't he go to TNA Wrestling instead. He would have the time of his life there. Many people that he used to wrestle with are now there such as Jeff Jaret, Jeff Hardy, Kevin Nash, Road Dogg and Billy Gun (who now go by different names), and many more. He wouldn't even have a problem with management as far as never losing goes. There is now a wrestler on TNA that is on an EIGHT MONTH WINNING STREAK!!! Now tell me Goldberg would not have fun ending that streak and starting his own. Aside from the fact that a return by Goldber would mean him getting that 43 year old body back into WRESTLING condition (I emphasise wrestling because he is still fit, but not nesecarilly in shape to wrestle) Goldberg is becoming more than just a great wrestler. He is now expanding his horizon and accomplishing things outside of the ring that were once thought unaccomplishable by wrestlers before greats like Hulk Hogan and The Rock did them. In conclusion, Goldberg's wrestling career looks to be over, but his career in other possibly bigger things is just beginning. So here's to a man who revolutionized wrestling as we know it today. AnswerI hope that Goldberg comes back along with Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Stone Cold, and Chris Jericho because I think that the WWE is not going anywhere without these superstars. I would never want them to go to TNA because they were great in the WWE. Matter of Fact, I think that the WWE and TNA should join up with their superstars and make a better wrestling show than ever or they could atleast bring these superstars back to the WWE. Both Raw and SmackDown! would have a great roster equally to ut on TV. I don't know why any of these superstars were dropped anyway. I remember all of the great matches WWE had with Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy boyz vs. The Dudleyz in TLC matches for World Tag Team titles, now Edge is just nasty and the Rated "R" Superstar I miss EdgeHeads and Christian. The Hardyz have never been apart and now they are in different businesses. The Rock is still on the RAW roster but he never shows up. The last time he made an appearance which wasn't wrestling was in the 2004 Diva Search Contest. I think that everyone that made a huge IMPACT on the WWE should come back. They left Triple H, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Kane, and the Big Show wrestling these low rated superstars, I think that the ratings were hire when the matches were; Goldberg vs. Triple H for World title; Stone Cold vs. HBK; The Rock vs. Stone Cold; or even elimination chameber matches that inclded; Triple H; Chris Jerciho; Kane; Goldberg; RVD; Booker T, I mean come on In 2005 the elimination chamber was great but it was the last greatest they ever had. I mean in 2006's elimination chamber match the only superstars that could have brung the ratings up were Kurt Angle, HBK, Kane, and John Cena. Chris Masters and Carlito shouldn't been in there. I miss the WWE from 2000-2004 Answerhes talking with tna and never wants to wrestle for the wwe again AnswerSince December 27th,2006 The WWE has began negotiating a new contract with Goldberg and is believed to return sometime this summer. I hope the negotiation went well and were not turned down. AnswerGOLDBERG LEFT BECUSE OF MONEY & HE WANTED A BREAK FROM WRESTLING WITCH YES MAKES NO SENSE BECUSE HE WAS GONE FOREVER! GOLDBERG LAST I SAW THAT SELL OUT WAS ON SPEED CHANNEL DOING A TRUCK SHOW (LOSER)
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Goldberg doesn't want to come back to WWE because he hates Vince. This is because Goldberg wanted to use his old WCW character and the WWE Creative Team wanted him to be more ordinary. For example, he never came out to police escort in WWE like he did in WCW.

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I think he wont be backl, he is now a comentator for an MMA show called EliteXC please anybody who sees him tell him that we need him back in WWE

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Goldberg has retired and is currently not Wrestling in any brand. He is concentrating on his personal life now.

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Q: What is the current status of WWE superstar Goldberg?
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William Scott "Bill" Goldberg was born December 27, 1966.

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Does bill goldberg have a wrestling DVD?

No, Bill Goldberg doesn't have an actually dvd out. The only thing ever released for Bill Goldberg was when he was in Wcw back in the 1999 Wcw/Nwo Superstar Series: Goldberg Who's Next which was released on vhs. Wwe or Goldberg needs release DVD with all his matches from Wcw, Wwe, & New Japan matched.

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goldberg personally did not like wwe superstars which forced him to leave.

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There is no news about Goldberg return to the wwe.

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Goldberg is most likely not returning to WWE, for he claimed in an interview that WWE can "kiss his a$#."