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pirates,however pirates,however, pirates:however, pirates;however, these are the answers to choose from which is it

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Q: What is the correct punctution The Etruscans an early prople were feared as pirates however they were much admired as traders?
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Which group of events is the correct order etruscans control rome Romans with battle of zama Romans destroy Carthage roman republic established?

According to the fashionable theory the Etruscans conquered or dominated Rome 6th Century BCE, in the later period of the Roman monarchy. However, this is just that; a theory. It has been challenged. It is based on very flimsy evidence and on unproven assumptions. There is no historical record of this happening. The Roman Republic was established 509 BCE, which, according to the theory, occurred when the Etruscans were expelled from Rome. The battle of Zama was in 202 BCE. The Romans destroyed Carthage 146 BCE.

Which ancient people lived close to the early Romans and provided them with some of their early kings?

The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.

Which ancient people lived close to the early Romans and provided them with some of the early kings?

According to the fashionable theory, the Etruscans conquered Rome and provided the last three kings of the seven kings of the Roman monarchy. However, this theory has been challenged. It is based on flimsy evidence and on unproven assumptions.

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Beethoven admired Napolean Bonaparte - so much so that he originally dedicated his Third Symphony to him. When Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor, however, Beethoven changed the dedication because he no longer admired Bonaparte.

How did Etruscans unite Italy?

They didn't. In fact the Etruscans couldn't even unite themselves which was their ultimate downfall. They did, however, control a large part of Italy consisting of the western seaboard, the Po valley and the area known as Campania. Their policy of having independent cities rather than a central government was their undoing.

Who dominated the northern portion of the Italian peninsula and influenced Roman attire and their urban culture?

The Etruscans, whose heartland was Etruria (land of the Etruscans), in present day Tuscany in the western part of central Italy, originally also controlled part of northern Italy, along the lower River Po. However, they then lost this area to an invasion by the Gauls. By the time of the Romans it was already a Gaul area. The Etruscans had already become confined to Tuscany.

Who ruled the Italian peninsula before the Romans took over in 509 BC?

Before the Romans took over the Italian peninsula, Italy consisted of a multitude of different peoples. The main forces were the Etruscans and the Greeks, who had a foothold in the extreme south. However there were others as well, such as the Latins, the Samnites, the Gauls and the Oscans.

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The group of people which were the original settlers of Rome were Latin. However, the Etruscans came and took over the built cities in Rome.

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It is thought (but not proved) the Roman numeral system evolved from the Etruscan tally stick method of counting. While the Etruscans may well have invented it, it was the Romans who developed it into the notation we are familiar with today. And since their empire vastly surpassed that of the Etruscans, to the victor go the spoils. However it's just as likely they developed the system independently. Tally sticks are found in many cultures, with some similarity to the Etruscan method. That doesn't mean they are all based on the Etruscan system; the Etruscans may well have "borrowed" the system from elsewhere for all we know.

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The Tower of London is admired worldwide for its architecture. The tower, however, has somewhat of a bad reputation due to the torture and executions which used to be frequently staged there.

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