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Because its twilight dude ....

maybe its a vampire in the daylight , and with no fangs ,

the trailer makes it look like its all action when its a sucky love story ,

maybe its all these obsessed teen girls obsessing over Edward (they have there display names as mrs edward cullen) witch pisses me off btw

The worst part of the book is how predictable and convenient it is. For example, Edward can read everyone's mind but Bella. Also the Cullen's are vegetarian vampires. Try to overlook these things and enjoy the book. It isn't for everyone.

Quality in literature is something that one should expect: great characters. Twilight, unfortunately, lacks a lot of that. Jack Black is the only interesting character in the series, but he's barely normal. It's hard to say that he's a Sue, because he isn't. Every other character in the story is a Sue, though.

Here's why I don't like it.

- The plot is too convincing.

- Nearly every character is a Sue.

- The writing style of Stephanie Meyers is too grade-school for the Romance genre.

- It's incredibly overrated.

Twilight Fans: This is why we hate it. Society hates practically anything that has class.

- Most of the fans are ignorant.

- It ruined the ideal vampire.

- The vampires in the story sparkle. (How can you even get away with that?)

- I hear about it every day.

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Twilight is a romantic thriller based on looking at vampires in a totally different way. The story revolves around a girl named Bella who falls in love with a vampire. It's a great book saga to read!!!

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In the end (of book 4) Bella and Edward get to keep Renesmee after defeating the Volturi with the help of vampire clans from all over the world.

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Q: What is the conclusion about Twilight?
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