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Jerk Wad... but it's to late..


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Q: What is the code at the end of the coraline movie?
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Is 'Coraline' the best movie ever?

In my opinion, Coraline is the best movie ever.

When will there be another coraline movie?

yes there mite be anther coraline movie but don't blame me if your upset.that there is not anther movie .

Is the movie Coraline based off a previously filmed movie?

It's based on the Book Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Did coraline tell whitey that she was glad he made her at the end of the movie?

Glad she met him, you mean? Yeah, pretty much.

Why is Coraline's name mistaken with the name Caroline?

it is mistaken because of 1:it is in the movie Coraline 2: they sound alike

What are the cheats for Coraline for the PS2?

I saw the movie,but there is no video game out.Maybe soon.But there is not a coraline video game out.Sorry.

Was Tim Burton apart of the movie Coraline?

Tim Burton had nothing to do with the movie Coraline. The director of The Nightmare Before Christmas also directed Coraline, but Tim Burton did not direct The Nightmare Before Christmas; he simply produced it.

What is the movie with the girls parents with buttons for eyes?


When does the movie Coraline come out?

February 06, 2009

Watch coraline full length movie online?

What are the release dates for Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews - 2008 Coraline 2-3?

Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews - 2008 Coraline 2-3 was released on: USA: 2009

Can you really watch coraline full movie on youtube?

i went on Youtube searched Coraline full movie but it will not show the whole movie only parts, though most parts have been taken off because of copyrights